This program is new to many, and we want you to be comfortable with the process. If you're ever unsure of something, you can always email and ask. However, chances are good that a previous member has already asked, and answers to common questions can be found here quickly.

When do I receive my share?

Check your email inbox for a confirmation email from when you first enrolled in the program. This will provide all of the information about your share: what day you chose, what size you chose, and if you are a pickup or delivery recipient. Can't find it? Send us an email to check ahead of time! Pickups and deliveries are scheduled for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

If you pick up your veggies, you can come any time that our store is open (Monday through Friday from 10:30 to 6 and Saturday from 9 to 4). Just walk in, tell us who you are the first time, and we'll bring your share right out to you!


If you receive a delivery, our crew member heads out with shares around 9:00 a.m. On our busiest days, it can take until 5:30 p.m. for you to receive your share. Please wait to email and ask where your delivery is until after 6:00 p.m. when the truck usually arrives back at the farm. If you haven't received it by then, feel free to email; only by then would it be safe to assume there was a problem, which we would definitely be happy to work on fixing.

What can I expect in my share?

Farming can be pretty unpredictable. One super cloudy week can mean that crops don't ripen as quickly as we anticipated, or falling behind on our planting schedule for one reason or another can lead to late germination. One of our All-Star members once said that this experience was "like opening a present every week." We encourage you to cook more whimsically by stocking your pantry and fridge with staples rather than setting a rigid menu for the week. We try to publish the newsletter on Tuesday mornings, which contains the list of all of the items you can expect in your share that week. If you are someone who really likes to meal plan in advance, we recommend scheduling your pickup day for Saturdays so that you can see the newsletter as early as Tuesday and plan accordingly.

What if I don't like something in my share?

The beauty of this program has always been that all boxes are packed with the same items in order to create community around our meals. Conversation and growth tends to happen the most when our members share their success stories in our Facebook group or provide suggestions for how to best enjoy a crop. To be honest, we're not the biggest kale fans around here... but we've found a way that we do love it: sautéed or in soup. Our first suggestion is to try cooking something in a brand new way: make a new dressing, change up the cuisine, do a search on Google until you find something that appeals to you. Unfortunately, we can not customize share offerings.

New for 2021: You can also make use of our Donation Box in our farm store, which is a place for you to swap something that you don't like for something you might like better or leave it behind for our weekly donations.

What if I forget to pick up my share?

Life happens! If you forget to pick up, we always hold your share for 24 hours, so you can come to the store the next day to pick it up. The only exception to this is for Saturday pickup members. Since we are closed on Sundays, we can hold it for you until Monday. After that, it will be forfeited and donated.

I know I can't pick up my share or receive my delivered share on an upcoming date. What are my options?

If you know you'll be unavailable on a particular date, we can schedule your share to be packed for another day. You must email 48 hours in advance of the day of the change to be accommodated.

The only exception is if you receive a delivery on a given day. We can't deliver on another day because of our routes, but you do have other options. See below.

Some examples:

  • You usually pick up on Tuesdays, but you have somewhere else to be and won't make it. You are free on Saturday, though. Email the farm by SUNDAY (48 hours in advance of your pickup day) and we will pack your share for pickup on Saturday instead of Tuesday.

  • You will be on vacation for an entire week and won't be available at all. We can skip your pickup or delivery for that week and double up for your following scheduled pickup or delivery date. (Biweekly pickup members, your "off" week can be an option).

  • You usually get a delivery on Wednesdays, but you will be away. You have 2 options. We can either skip your share this week and double you up for the following delivery. Or, you can email the farm to switch to another pickup day that week. Come to the farm to pick up and we can reimburse your delivery fee.

We always harvest and pack shares the day before they are scheduled to be delivered or picked up. Therefore, we can't accommodate any changes the day before. Once your share has been packed, there are no opportunities to reschedule. Sorry!

Can I switch my pickup day permanently?

Maybe you thought Saturday pickups would be convenient, but it turns out it makes more sense to come on Tuesdays when you're headed home from work. Yes, you can switch your pickup day permanently! Email us 48 hours in advance of any changes. As long as your share hasn't already been packed, we have no problem making a change.

The exception to this is for delivery members. Unfortunately we can't switch your day of the week, but we are happy to switch your mode of receipt. If you used to get a delivery but now want to pick up, we can reimburse you. If you want to receive a delivery instead of picking up, we can send you an invoice for the fee.

Where are the tomatoes?

This is probably the #1 question we get asked by shareholders. We know you love local, in-season tomatoes! Remember, this share is meant to provide you with a variety of different items, sometimes even lesser-known veggies to try. We don't recommend our subscriptions for members who are only interested in a few items. We would much, much rather you be happy by shopping in our store and selecting the exact items you want.

However, check out the CT Grown Crop Availability Calendar to give you an idea of when items typically come in around here. We first see tomatoes in July, but it takes about 10 weeks into the program before we have enough of an abundance to include them in your share.

When is payment due?

50% deposits are due within 2 weeks of enrolling or your spot will be forfeited. Your balance is due the week before the start of the program. Not sure if you owe a balance? Feel free to email and ask.

Why does it seem like the amount of items in my share fluctuates?

Every week, we sit down and make a list of all of the items going into your share. Our list is complete once we've budgeted for a dollar or so more than you originally paid into it as a thank you for your upfront investment. Some items can be a bit pricier than others: colored peppers, beans, and bagged greens, to name a few. Squash, zucchini, and cucumbers are much less pricey but seem to take up more room in your box. We assure you that you're always getting more than you paid for. Here's a video that shows you a closer look.

Oh no! This item is rotten! What now?

Every item that goes into your share is hand selected and examined for quality. Sometimes a thing or two slips by us. It's always possible that a melon, onion, or cabbage might be yucky inside; sometimes we can't tell until you cut into it. We apologize if that happens. Please know that it is never our intention to give you something gross. If we wouldn't eat it, we wouldn't intentionally give it to you. Send us a private email explaining the situation. We politely ask that you would refrain from posting about it online. Oftentimes, enlightening us will prevent it from happening to another member. We are very happy to give you another item and make it up to you.

We ask for your understanding that if you receive a delivery, it's possible that in the heat of the summer your greens might wilt from the time it takes us to deliver to the time they make it to your fridge. They should never be so wilted that they don't revive. Snip off the ends and soak them in cold water to perk them up. If you are not home to receive your delivery and a cooler with ice is not left in a visible location, we can not guarantee freshness.

Vegetable Subscription Orientation