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Laurel Glen Farm is looking for highly motivated, fast-paced individuals to work for the 2022 season (and potentially beyond!). Ideal candidates are interested in agriculture, sustainability, and supporting the local economy, and they’re dedicated to hard work.

Below is a list of open positions for the 2022 season. The candidate must apply on their own behalf through Google Forms: here. Please note that we will be collecting applications through April 10, 2022; if we decide to move forward with the hiring process, applicants would be contacted after that date.

Also note that we are seeking candidates whose availability allows them to commit to an entire season of work, including the potential to be scheduled on mornings and Saturdays. Laurel Glen Farm approves reasonable requests for time off, but expects reliable attendance for the duration of the entire season, from approximately May through November. We’re a team and look forward to adding more crew members!

Questions can be directed to Victoria and Randy at

Job Position: Store Associate

Hours: Seasonal Part Time

  • Approximately 15 hours per week

  • June 22, 2022 into November 2022

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday availability; candidate would work all of those days

  • Reduction of hours as season concludes

Pay: $13/hour to start; $14/hour beginning July 1, 2022

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist customers with shopping, checkout, and pickup, providing guidance about vegetables and cooking as needed

  • Complete tasks including lifting crates, restocking displays, and organizing vegetables in storage

  • Accept assignment of tasks by farm managers

  • Work independently for the majority of the day, taking initiative as needed

  • Communicate with farm managers regarding completion of tasks and store conditions

  • When not working with customers, washing, packing, and storing produce

Job Qualifications:

  • CT Driver’s License

  • Ability to lift 50 lbs. consistently

  • Ability to work in various weather conditions (ie. sun/cold/heat/rain exposure)

  • Ability to count money, make correct change, and use basic technology to complete purchases

  • Ability to work quickly, efficiently, and positively as a member of a team

  • Must have outgoing personality and considerable knowledge about vegetables and cooking in order to assist customers

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