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Welcome, members!

We've created this webpage as a place where you can access information and content specific to membership in our subscription program. Have fun and enjoy!


Check out the FAQs page to watch our Vegetable Subscription Orientation and read about FAQs specific to the program.

Here is one very important policy we have that we want you to know about right away, and it's about changes to your pickup day.

What if I forget to pick up my share?

Life happens! If you forget to pick up, we always hold your share for 24 hours, so you can come to the store the next day to pick it up. The only exception to this is for Saturday pickup members. Since we are closed on Sundays, we can hold it for you until Monday. After that, it will be forfeited and donated.

I know I can't pick up my share or receive my delivered share on an upcoming date. What are my options?

If you know you'll be unavailable on a particular date, we can schedule your share to be packed for another day. You must email 48 hours in advance of the day of the change to be accommodated.

The only exception is if you receive a delivery on a given day. We can't deliver on another day because of our routes, but you do have other options. See below.

Some examples:

  • You usually pick up on Tuesdays, but you have somewhere else to be and won't make it. You are free on Saturday, though. Email the farm by SUNDAY (48 hours in advance of your pickup day) and we will pack your share for pickup on Saturday instead of Tuesday.

  • You will be on vacation for an entire week and won't be available at all. We can skip your pickup or delivery for that week and double up for your following scheduled pickup or delivery date. (Biweekly pickup members, your "off" week can be an option).

  • You usually get a delivery on Wednesdays, but you will be away. You have 2 options. We can either skip your share this week and double you up for the following delivery. Or, you can email the farm to switch to another pickup day that week. Come to the farm to pick up and we can give you additional vegetables in place of your delivery fee.

We always harvest and pack shares the day before they are scheduled to be delivered or picked up. Therefore, we can't accommodate any changes the day before. Once your share has been packed, there are no opportunities to reschedule. Sorry!

Click to download the 2021 Subscription Special Events Calendar and see what's happening this year! (Dates and events are subject to change, but we'll keep you informed about everything as we go along.)


We always order milk from Shaggy Coos Farm to stock our store at the beginning of the week, but inventory can be unpredictable based on how busy our store gets. If you want to reserve milk for yourself or have milk delivered to your house along with your share, consider a milk-add on.

​Join our private Facebook group:

  • Visit our Facebook page @laurelglenfarmllc

  • Click on the "Groups" tab

  • Find 2021 Subscription Members

  • Request access, and we'll approve you!

Here are a couple of helpful blog posts to get you started for the season:


Here's where you can find information about vegetables: how to store them, preserve them, and our favorite recipes including them!


Your full balance is due 1 week before the start of your program. Checks can be made out to Laurel Glen Farm and mailed to:

Laurel Glen Farm

247 Waverly Rd.

Shelton, CT 06484

We can also email you an invoice to pay your balance by credit card.

Not sure of your balance or want us to send you an invoice? Email us at

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