Our farm store is open:

Monday - Friday: 10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m


from early June until mid-December.


We are CLOSED on Sundays to rest.

Located at:

247 Waverly Road

Shelton, CT 06484

Please park in the lot in front of the farm stand and use the traffic mirror across from the driveway to help you exit.

Below is all of the inventory we carry in store (it is ONLY out of stock for online ordering, but is most likely IN STOCK at the farm)

Featured photo credit goes to each wonderful business.



Easton, CT

Shaggy Coos Farm is a family run operation in the small town of Easton, CT. We pride ourselves on being very hands on with the care and raising of our livestock. We have been fortunate to have earned a great reputation, which we strive to protect and enhance.


All our animals are provided with a high quality diet of grass, hay, and grain which are antibiotic and hormone free. Our livestock are harvested under the supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).


Lebanon, CT


Welcome to Sugar Maple Farms. We've been making maple syrup in Connecticut for over 30 years. "I like to think I've made most of my mistakes by now," says Jim. A few years ago, he gained a partner, Chuck, who keeps things rolling. Together they work Sugar Maple Farms. We work hard to sell only high quality maple and honey products. Jim has owned bees on and off since the 1950's. How time flies! Regardless, our products are the way we like it ourselves, and we bet you will too.


West Haven, CT


Durante’s Pasta was founded in West Haven, Connecticut by Amedeo and Carmelina Durante in 1985. Amedeo and Carmelina were both born and raised in Ruviano, a small town just outside of Caserta, Italy. 

After 3 decades of providing the community with Durante’s products, Amedeo and Carmelina’s youngest son, Angelo, is now the owner of Durante’s Pasta.


Classic Cabot cheese made in Vermont

Check out the Sip of Sunshine Cheddar (Made with Lawson's Finest Liquids - Brewed at Two Roads in Stratford, CT)
Harpoon Alehouse Cheddar made with Harpoon IPA and dark beer, brewed in Windsor, VT


Trumbull, CT


There’s nothing more wonderful than the aroma of fresh brewed coffee… except the taste of exceptionally roasted organic coffee. However, our owner Ed Freedman recognizes it takes more than a delicious smell to guarantee a superior coffee. To ensure your highest quality coffee experience we use only organic coffee because:

  • It tastes richer, is more complex and is never bitter unlike beans grown with pesticides

  • It’s healthier for your and our environment

  • It supports Fair Trade USA and sustainable farming

At Shearwater the integrity of our small batch organic coffee roasting process is built into our business’ core values. The result is 100% USDA Certified Organic roasted and certified Kosher*.


“It’s a way of life, not a product line.” – Ed Freedman, Owner Shearwater Organic Coffee Roasters


We begin the roasting process of our artisanal brews with organic coffee beans imported from small coffee farms from Mexico, Central & South America, East Africa and Indonesia. The farmer-owners who provide our coffee beans are as committed to sustainability farming as we are to ensuring our roasting, serving and delivery processes minimize impact to the environment.


Shearwater uses a highly energy efficient Diedrich IR-12 infra-read roaster designed to operate on less electricity than conventional roasters. In Fairfield County we even deliver our fresh-roasted organic coffee to wholesale customers in a fully electric zero-emission vehicle.