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2022 Subscription Program Information

Vegetable Subscription information for 2022 is live on our website! Our Early Registration period is happening again this year with some new bonuses. We're publishing this information now so you can familiarize yourself with next year's offerings so that when the enrollment period opens, you'll be clear about what you want to select.

Click here to view product descriptions and scroll down to read more about our bonus offer.

Early Registration Period

This year's Early Registration period will run from Sunday, October 3rd at 7:00 a.m. to midnight on Sunday, October 17th. Anyone enrolling for a subscription during that time period will earn perks for committing their support to their farmer well in advance of next year's season!

What are the Early Bird Perks?

  1. You can lock in your membership with 2021 pricing! During the Early Registration period, small shares will still be priced at $16/week and large shares at $25/week. As of October 18th, they'll increase to $17/week for small shares and $26/week for large shares. This means we'll be budgeting all boxes next year at the $18 and $27/week price, even if you only paid $16 or $25 into it. (We always budget at least $1 over the amount you paid into it, and then weighed items typically push that number higher.) To break it down, this means that an Extended Season member will receive well over $64 in free veggies over the course of the season: $1 free per week just for being a member, $1 free per week for enrolling early, and additional free veggies when the weight of the items in their share is more than we budgeted for anyway (For example, 1.07 lbs. of tomatoes. That’s $0.21 extra just in tomatoes.)

  2. Early Bird access to our bulk order form. We’ll send you the pre-order form first when the time comes, so you’ll get first dibs on putting your name down for bulk cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, cherry peppers, etc. The rest of our mailing list will receive the list after you’ve ordered in whatever quantities are left.

  3. An invitation to our Bonus Box Harvesting Event. This will be our second annual event: in September, you’ll come to the farm on a designated day and we’ll show you how to harvest a few items. You’ll take home a bonus small share and get to spend some time in our fields along with other members.

What's Staying the Same for 2022?

  1. The length of the programs (Extended Season is 32 weeks, Main Season is 20 weeks, Surplus Subscription is 13 weeks)

  2. Customization options: small shares, large shares, weekly shares, biweekly shares (for Main Season only), and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday pickup options

  3. The number of memberships available: 60 spots for Extended Season, 150 for Main Season

  4. Delivery cost will remain $7/delivery, factored into your price at checkout when you select delivery

  5. Deliveries will still only be available for the 20-week Main Season portion of the season

  6. We LOVE our Shippan community, but unfortunately can only deliver to Stamford on a biweekly basis during the Main Season portion only

  7. Everything else about the program: the challenges, contests, giveaways, the Facebook group, the swap table, and invitations to various farm happenings like our spring planting event and Great Garlic Harvest

What's Changing for 2022?

  1. Prices are increasing by $1 per week for both large and small shares after our Early Registration period closes. We haven't increased subscription prices in 3 years, and our operating costs and retail prices on veggies have risen since then. 2021 prices will be in effect when enrolling between October 3rd through October 17th, (small shares $16/week and large shares $25/week). After that, they'll increase to $17/week for small shares and $26/week for large shares.

  2. All Shelton and Trumbull deliveries will take place on Wednesdays

  3. The Main Season program is shifting 2 weeks later to start the week of June 13th and end the week of October 24th. (The Extended Season will run 6 weeks before and after those dates: starting the week of May 2nd and ending the week of December 5th)

  4. For Extended Season: sizing will run the entire 32 weeks. In the past we've had one size for the early portion and allowed size changes for the main and late portions. In order to streamline the process a bit more, sizing will be consistent for the entire 32 weeks: small or large

  5. Because of the shift in the Shelton and Trumbull delivery day, we are redistributing the number of spots available on each pickup day to make it more balanced. Last year, Tuesday and Saturday sold out first, but Wednesday ended up being the most popular pickup day. We aren't sure what the trends will be this year, so we recommend enrolling early to claim your spot.

Why Should I Enroll Early?

  1. Besides the benefit of receiving Early Bird Perks, we recommend enrolling early to claim your spot. Last year, we sold out of Extended Season shares by the end of our Early Registration period, and more Main Season members have expressed interest in switching this year. Keep in mind that because of the 2 week shift of the Main Season, if you are interested in spring crops, the best way to ensure you receive them is to choose the Extended Season program.

  2. Biweekly shares are scarce. We only offer between 10-15 on each pickup day.

  3. Claim your pickup day if you have a preference that works best for your schedule. Last year we filled two of the days up earlier.

  4. Last year we added 20-25 spots to the Main Season program, which created more availability. We can’t add more membership spots next year; it was the perfect amount this year.

  5. The number one reason to us: your farmer appreciates it more than you know! Knowing that you’ll all be back for another year will give us extreme peace of mind over the winter months and will allow us to start crop planning efficiently. We only require a 50% deposit at the time of enrollment (Select offline payment at checkout and then mail us a check for 50% of the total of your share.) You can pay your balance next year right before your program starts.

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