• We surprise you with a medley of fresh, seasonal item each week; some items are classic summer favorites, and others are exciting, unfamiliar veggies

  • Program spans 13 weeks ($16/week x 13 = $208)

  • Your box is ready for pickup at the farm on Mondays only (we can hold it for 24 hours afterward but can not pack it for pickup on another day)

  • Begins on July 11th and ends on October 3rd

  • Each bag you receive is valued at slightly MORE than $16 every week as a thank you for your upfront investment, support, flexibility, and understanding about eating seasonally

  • Includes a weekly email with a list of box contents and a few recipes or tips. Check out our weekly blog posts that accompany our Main Season program for more in-depth farm happenings!

  • Peak Season share contents vary from the contents in the Main and Extended Season shares. Some Peak Season shares might differ from each other slightly depending on what we have harvested each week; for example, "either kale or collard greens" (farmers' choice)

2022 Peak Season Subscription