• We surprise you with a medley of the items we have harvested each week!
  • Program spans 13 weeks ($15/week x 13 = $195)
  • Farm pickup every Monday only! (If pickup falls on a holiday, it will be on a Tuesday that week instead)
  • Begins on July 6th and ends on September 28th
  • Each bag you receive is valued at slightly MORE than $15 every week as a thank you for your upfront investment, support, and flexibility and understanding about eating seasonally
  • Includes one recipe or cooking/storage tip with every bag


When you enroll, please keep in mind that we can not customize bags, ensure the receipt of certain items, or ensure that items would not be repeated frequently. This is truly a surplus subscription and you would be enrolling with that understanding (and with the pride of saving food waste!)


With that being said, we absolutely do not intend to give you an entire bag full of only one or two types of vegetable! Each medley will be hand selected with optimal variety in mind.

2020 Surplus Subscription

  • I recognize that Laurel Glen Farm is a working farm and I will be responsible for the safety of my guests and myself when visiting the property.

    If I have ordered a vegetable subscription, I understand that I will be eating seasonally and I share in the potential risks of farming caused by weather and environmental elements. If my subscription is not picked up or received according to the terms and conditions, I forfeit my vegetables without reimbursement. Quality cannot be guaranteed if subscriptions are not picked up in a timely manner.

    I agree to claim my share on my scheduled day. If I cannot pick up on my scheduled day, I may offer my share to a relative or friend, or ask the farm to hold the share for me. I understand that if I do not pick up my share within 24 hours of my pick-up time without notifying the farm, I will not receive a replacement.