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2023 Vegetable Subscription Program Information

2023 Vegetable Subscription information is live on our website! Enrollment Day begins on Sunday, October 16th at 7 a.m. Signing up by October 23rd comes with bonuses (like 5% off your subscription! Scroll down to read more...)

We're publishing this information now so that when your alarm goes off at 6:50 a.m. on Enrollment Day, you'll know exactly what to select in our online store.

Click here to read program descriptions and scroll down to read more about our bonus offer.

Early Enrollment Period

This year's Early Enrollment period will run from Sunday, October 16th at 7:00 a.m. through midnight on Sunday, October 23rd. Anyone enrolling for a subscription during that time period will earn perks for committing their support to their farmer well in advance of next year's season!

What are the Early Bird Perks?

  1. 5% off of your subscription! Use the code EARLYBIRD at checkout to take 5% off of your subscription. (You must enter this code at checkout - sorry, but we can't retroactively apply the discount after you've finished checking out!)

  2. An invitation to our Bonus Box Harvesting Event. In September, you’ll come to the farm on a designated Saturday and we’ll show you how to harvest a few items. You’ll take home a bonus vegetable share and get to spend some time in our fields along with other members.

  3. Raffle entries to win prizes in our "8 Days of Giveaways." Every day during our Early Enrollment period, we'll be raffling off a different item to give away. Any member enrolled in a subscription program on each day is automatically entered to win! For example, if you enroll on day one, you'll have 8 chances to win prizes - from October 16th through October 23rd.

What's Staying the Same for 2022?

  1. The length of the programs (Extended Season is 32 weeks, Main Season is 20 weeks, Peak Season is 13 weeks)

  2. Customization options: small shares, large shares, and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday pickup options

  3. The number of memberships available: 80 spots for Extended Season, 190 for Main Season, 30 for Peak Season

  4. Everything else about the program: the weekly newsletter, challenges, contests, giveaways, the Facebook group, the swap-an-item-in-your-share table, and invitations to various farm happenings!

What's Changing for 2022?

Baby #2 is on the way for us and it's time to think about how to balance our personal and professional lives. Though we've loved offering all of our customization options, especially through the pandemic, we've realized that simplification to our subscription program is needed moving forward.

We hate to admit our own shortcomings, but the reality is that we have made too many errors with deliveries in the past, and the logistics of delivering has stalled our operations each week. We are SO grateful to our previous delivery recipients, but it is time for us to discontinue this option.

  • All Extended Season and Main Season shares will offer the same customization options otherwise: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday large or small size pickup. Biweekly pickup is still an option in the Main Season program.

If you have previously been a delivery member, our suggestion is to buddy up with another member or two in your area! You can decide amongst yourselves who is responsible for picking up on a given week and trade off trips to the farm. If you select a biweekly share and partner up with someone to trade off trips to the farm, that means you're only making the trek to the farm once a month. We hope this is a feasible suggested solution to our discontinuing of deliveries.

Why Should I Enroll Early?

1. Besides the benefit of receiving Early Bird perks, we recommend enrolling early to claim your spot.

  • Last year, we sold out of Extended Season shares on the first day!

  • Because we are discontinuing deliveries, we must reduce the number of biweekly pickup spots to ensure our harvests are balanced from one week to the next.

  • Many of our 42 Peak Season Program members who enrolled in our program later in the spring have also expressed interest in claiming Main Season and Extended Season spots.

It seems so silly, but we highly recommend setting an alarm on Enrollment Day!

2. The number one reason to us: your farmer appreciates it more than you know! Knowing that you’ll all be back for another year will give us extreme peace of mind over the winter months while we welcome our new baby and will allow us to start crop planning efficiently. We only require a 50% deposit at the time of enrollment (Select offline payment at checkout and then mail us a check for 50% of the total of your share.) You can pay your balance next year right before your program starts.

How Will Enrollment Day Work?

  1. Enrollment Day has been incredibly busy in years past! We can not answer questions and help with troubleshooting on Enrollment Day, except if our own technology goes down. We strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with program details and walk through the process of enrolling beforehand - we are happy to answer questions and help ahead of Enrollment Day! (P.S. Don't forget about the 5% off coupon code - you must enter EARLYBIRD at checkout to claim your discount!)

  2. We are so sorry, but we absolutely can not make any exceptions for members who miss out on a spot, no matter what. We strongly recommend setting yourself an alarm so that you don't miss the sign up window.

We love chatting about our Vegetable Subscription program - it's our pride and joy! Please feel free to send us an email at or give Victoria a call at 203-305-9179 with any questions.

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