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Our subscription program is our cornerstone offering at the farm; members receive a box of unique, seasonal produce every week. They roll up their sleeves and elevate mealtime by cooking in new and exciting ways. And in turn, we plan fun little perks to go along with the program and thank them for supporting their local farm's family. Truly, it's a community, and we can't wait for you to join us!



A connection with your farmers and our commitment to harvesting and hand-selecting fresh food for you every week



An opportunity to try new vegetables and a newsletter that coaches you to meet with success with recipes, storage tips, and vegetable overviews



A sense of belonging at the farm and in our online Facebook group of Laurel Glen Farm "locavores" and perks just for being here



We grow and harvest you fresh food.

Every week, we plan out a box bursting with a variety of fresh, seasonal produce. We never supplement; it's always grown on our farm and harvested with care. Boxes are all the same, and that helps us build community.


You pick it up.

Choose from 3 programs with customization options. How many weeks in the season do you want to pick up ? Do you want a box weekly or biweekly? Is a small share or large share the right amount?


You cook with it.

Reference our newsletter for recipe suggestions and cooking tips that correspond with your box. See what other members are making in our Facebook group. An unfamiliar veggie?  Check out the info in our online library to learn more.

(P.S. Thank you, Denise, for giving us a peek into your meal prep!)

Chicken KM.jpg

You show it off!

Share your success stories in our members only Facebook group and build a repertoire of cooking and farming knowledge. Repeat for 5+ months!

(Wow, KitchenMelissa, you inspire us with photos like these!)



"I was part of a farmshare last year... and you guys have blown them out of the water with your customization, customer service, all of the options you offer, your organization as a whole, the communication and feelings of community that you provide. We... are very grateful to be a part of the community." - Ali W.


"The grocery store doesn’t give me sweet notes in my shopping bag... There is definitely something delicious and special about getting my order from your farm!" -Dana M.


"There is absolutely NO comparison... Your produce is clean, bright, fresh, and wonderful. It is bountiful; and you are a true teacher explaining how to use it all, clean it, store it.  It makes such a giant difference.  I am already stressing knowing I have to get online early to sign up before you fill up next year!" - Diane M.


Farming conditions change from year to year, and box contents change from week to week, but seasonality is consistent. We offer 3 programs that span different lengths of time in the year, so you can choose the one that best matches your cooking and eating interests. Our Extended Season program spans from May through mid-December. Our Main Season program spans mid-June through late October, and our Peak Season program spans from July through September.

Is a subscription right for me?

Some "locavores" might feel more comfortable shopping in our store and at the market - and we are totally okay with that! Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before you commit to this program.


Am I open-minded to receiving a bag of surprises every week?

Tomatoes don't usually come in until the first week of August. But every week you receive an offering that is different and fun, and we can teach you to enjoy eating with the seasons. Our members say it's like opening a present every week.

Some "locavores" might feel more comfortable shopping in our store and at the market - and we are totally okay with that! Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before you commit to this program.


Do I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone?

There's nothing predictable about it. From freezing to canning, to trying different cuisines, to learning about fruits and vegetables like husk cherries, kohlrabi, and radicchio, this program provides an experience unlike shopping at the grocery store.

Some "locavores" might feel more comfortable shopping in our store and at the market - and we are totally okay with that! Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before you commit to this program.


Can I commit to the experience?

We don't just take your money and send you off with vegetables. Our members have called the experience "exciting" and "fun." But, we really believe you get the most out of the program when you stay current on our emails, read the newsletters, consistently pick up, chat with us, and consider posting in the Facebook group. 


Reflecting on these 3 questions will help you to make a decision about whether a subscription or shopping for items of your choice in our store is better for you.



It takes a trusting person to pay a lot of money upfront before they've even tasted the first vegetable of the season. And that deserves a reward. We always include extra vegetables beyond the value of what you've paid for as a thank you.



Always wanted to try cooking in a cast-iron skillet or want to find ways to sneak more veggies into your breakfasts?  Our community will rally to try it together. Plus, we run fun little contests with photo submissions and more.



Little giveaways, a bonus in your box, or a chance to shop at our extra freebies table... We try to keep you smiling throughout the season.


2024 Extended Season Subscription (ENROLLMENT OPENS 10/15/23)


Prepare to eat an array of exciting and unique vegetables! This program is perfect for members who are committed to eating seasonal produce for 32 weeks out of the year. They love the greens of early May, the winter squashes and root crops of December, and everything in between. For members looking for classic summer and fall vegetables, we recommend the Main Season program instead. This program is only offered on a weekly pickup basis (choose from Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday), but members are welcome to alternate pickup weeks with a partner. We offer a swap table at pickup if members wish to use it. We can't wait to see what you cook up in our members' private Facebook group!





Week of April 30, 2024

Week of December 2, 2024

32 weeks

$608 for a small share; $896 for a large share

2024 Main Season Subscription (ENROLLMENT OPENS 10/15/23)


This classic program spans 20 weeks during our most bountiful part of the year: mid-June through late October. Though it does include well-loved summer and fall vegetables, all of our subscription programs include unique and lesser-known crops. A swap table is available at pickup, though we love to see you challenge yourself and show off your mealtime successes in our members' private Facebook group. Choose a large or small size share on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday pickup; we also offer a limited number of biweekly pickup memberships.





Week of June 11, 2024

Biweekly pickups also begin this week and continue every two weeks

Week of October 22, 2024

20 weeks

$190 for biweekly small, $380 for weekly small; $280 for biweekly large, $560 for weekly large

2024 Peak Season Subscription (ENROLLMENT OPENS 10/15/23)


This program is shorter than the others, but just as sweet! Boxes contain 5-7 vegetables of the crops we have in great abundance during the height of our season. Members pick up their share of veggies for 13 weeks every Thursday at the farm (note: the day of the week has changed for 2024). This program provides the opportunity to try interesting items as well as classic summer vegetables, and a swap table is available if you wish to change out an item in your share. Members receive a weekly email with an overview of box contents and recipes and storage tips. Members also receive access to our members' private Facebook group and invitations to events!




Starts at

July 11, 2024

October 3, 2024

13 weeks

$247; one size

Our members make our family's dream possible, and for that, we are so grateful. We look forward to being your farmers in 2024 and beyond!


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