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John Rogowski came to the United States in the early 1900s with big dreams for his family and future. After working in a coal mine in Pennsylvania, he decided on a whim to try his hand in agriculture. And so Laurel Glen Farm was born. Once 100 acres, the farm provided fresh dairy products to the local area. In the 1970s, dairy production ceased due to the competition from supermarkets. However, second-generation farmer Peter Rogowski and his brother Alexander kept the farm alive by raising beef and growing hay.


In 2013, Randy Rogowski took the reins on the family's farm and converted it to a mixed vegetable operation. Now 20 acres, Randy and the rest of Laurel Glen Farm are committed to keeping the locavore movement alive by providing fresh produce to the community.



Growing up next to the farm, Randy learned to bale hay, drive a tractor, and tend a garden at a young age. He is proud to be carrying on the family legacy by making full use of the farm’s remaining land. Although he remembers everything his elder relatives taught him, Randy has developed his own knowledge about modern farming techniques such as pest control, extended growing seasons, and farm equipment. He is excited to be producing food sustainably and efficiently for the local community, and especially loves his tractors.


Victoria’s heart and soul is in educating and connecting with community members. She manages the vegetable subscriptions by planning the weekly shares, packing them with high-quality produce, and writing the accompanying newsletter with farm updates and seasonal recipes. You can also find her in the store or connect with her by email. She doesn’t mind the “grit” that comes from working in the fields either, lending her muscle when needed. In 2020, Victoria took a leave from her job as an elementary school teacher to focus on family here.

Peter Alexander joined the family on May 3, 2019. He is named after his great-great-uncle Peter and great-grandfather Alex. He is a Farmall tractor enthusiast and loves to sample veggies and berries straight from the field.


Sweet Janina Vera arrived on February 2, 2023. Mommy is looking forward to having a sidekick to help pack veggies and manage the store.


Laurel Glen Farm thrives on the hard work of family members and close friends, past and present. We are truly a family and consider all who we come to know throughout this experience to be one of our members too!

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