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Getting Ready for Your Subscription

Our spring and summer subscriptions start so soon we can almost taste it! We've compiled these tips to help you get ready to make the most of this season:

1. Clean out your fridge and pantry and take inventory. There’s nothing worse than trying to cram fresh produce among shriveled up produce and feeling like you have no room in your fridge. Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start. Throw out old jars, condiments, and expired foods, and take note of what staples you might need to accompany the vegetables you’ll be receiving shortly. Shelf-stable staples I love to have on hand for summertime cooking: oil, herbs, rice, pasta, bread crumbs, bouillon.

2. Make sure you have freezer bags and storage jars on hand. Gallon and quart size bags are a must. You may even want some canning jars for stock. If you haven’t made stock a part of your meal prep practice, head on over to my blog to learn how:

3. Join our Facebook group. This year I started a Facebook group so we could connect virtually. We're not the experts on subscriptions because we’ve never had one! YOU have, so YOU are! Share your storage tips, meal plans, recipe ideas, and success stories on our page. No need to wait for me to post – you lead the discussions! Find the group on the Laurel Glen Farm Facebook page and request to join. It’s called 2020 Subscription Members.

4. Go through your old recipes and magazines. Every year I like to go through my recipe boxes and magazines to look for new cooking inspiration. I’ve compiled my favorite recipes into a Word document so that when I’m planning my meals for the week, I can easily reference the sheet so I’m not feeling ho-hum about another dinner idea. It’s easy to forget your favorites when they’re out of season. For example, I never cook eggplant in the off-season, but I’ll want to make sure I have my recipe for eggplant burgers at the ready.

5. Find a weekly meal planner you love. I mean, how pretty is this one from Paper Trail Designs?

Google Free Meal Planner Template for more options. You may even want to find one that has a place for taking notes for each day. For example: Tuesday – defrost ground beef in time for Wednesday. This year my goal is to do more meal planning for you, so I’ll be finding or making my ideal meal plan template in the meantime.

6. Use up foods in your freezer to make room for new items. I lied – there is something worse than cramming fresh produce among old produce. Two things, actually. 1) Wasting freezer burnt foods. And 2) Not having room for anything in the freezer.

7. Thank yourself for committing to farm fresh produce this year. Stimulating the local economy and ensuring health for your family? GO YOU!

Got another idea for getting ready? Drop us some tips in the Facebook group!

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