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Our Best-Kept Secret Fruits and Veggies

Last week, we sent out an email newsletter called "Our Best-Kept Secret Fruits and Veggies" - and we saw so many of you in our markets and at our farm store who gave us such a positive response to it, that we wanted to make a part 2 edition. Below is the original email, and then scroll down to read part 2!

Original: Trendy or just plain cool, these crops typically aren’t given a second glance, or even known about... but we hope you give them a chance this season!


Ground cherries, also known as husk cherries, are a relative of the tomato, and they grow on a plant similar to the tomato plant. The husks start out green, and when they ripen, they turn brown and fall off the plant. Thus the name “ground cherries” – you have to harvest them off the ground! Luckily, they are protected by a husk. Just peel back the husk and enjoy the sweet, tart, tomato-like fruit inside. Some say the mysterious flavor is reminiscent of a combination of a grape, pineapple, and tomato.


What’s so special about this watermelon? It’s yellow inside! Yellow watermelon doesn’t have lycopene, which makes watermelon red, and it’s also sweeter with notes of honey and apricot.


Shishito peppers aren’t spicy; rather they have an intense bell pepper flavor. However, they have been the “hottest” crop for two seasons now. Our customers like to grill them and make a dipping sauce on the side.


Golden zucchini is nutty, and it’s sweeter than the green variety. As farmers, we often reach for this kind instead of green. This dish is a staple in our kitchen during the summertime.


This Asian eggplant is tender, sweet, less acidic, and doesn’t even necessarily need to be peeled. It’s delicious in a stir fry, but there’s no reason it can’t be used in kabobs or on pizza too.


We’re still open at 247 Waverly Rd. in Shelton Monday through Friday from 10:30 to 6 and Saturdays from 9 to 4. We’ll be open into December.

Now for Part 2!

Pattypan squash is a relative of classic yellow summer squash. The scalloped edges make it pretty in the pan. It can be cut up in the pan the same as traditional yellow squash. Its shape makes it perfect for hollowing out and stuffing - just be sure to pre-roast it as the walls are thick.


Many market shoppers assume these are hot peppers, but not so! These are addicting, sweet, bite-size peppers, perfect for snacking on: hence the name "lunchbox peppers." No recipe needed for these; they probably won't even make it home.


Shoppers pass these Bull's Heart tomatoes over, thinking they're incorrectly shaped globe tomatoes. These are heirlooms that are super meaty and juicy. At markets, Amanda will often offer you the chance to try them, and once our customers do, they come back in search of them. We've even had customers can these for sauce and juice instead of plum tomatoes because they are so meaty.


Currant tomatoes are specifically requested by those that know of their secret existence. These beautiful, sweet little tomatoes adorn the vines of the plants on which they grow. Pop them off and eat them like grapes - no recipe required here either!


Do you have a favorite best-kept secret veggie? If so, let us know! Sometimes we wonder if we should continue to grow some of these varieties, but they keep things fun and interesting.

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תגובה אחת

Madeleine Bratz
Madeleine Bratz
06 בספט׳ 2020

My favorite is kohlrabi! It’s delicious raw. Makes a great addition to veggie platters.

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