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Sharing Recipes with Members

I actually love grocery shopping (and especially love grocery stores and their employees at times like these!). Why? Because I enjoy thinking about what meals I want to prepare for my family and it makes me think of togetherness. I love thinking about the week ahead and imagining my family eating whatever I make as they go about their day. But one thing that’s missing from trips to the grocery store is the opportunity to share life on a personal level, swap recipes and stories, and get to know the people who produced the food. Judy T has been a farm credit subscriber for YEARS, and one thing we’ve always appreciated about her frequent visits is talking about recipes (and enjoying her DELICIOUS stuffed bread!). There's something so special about handwritten recipe cards that no text could capture. For my bridal shower, my sister asked all of my guests to bring a handwritten recipe card of something they specialize in making, and I treasure looking through them all. Judy passed along a couple of her recipes to us, including another for chilled cucumber soup. She graciously agreed to let me share one with you (I know how personal recipes can be, especially if they've been in the family!)

Pictured below is Judy's recipe for Italian Kale Soup with Beans that I think will be perfect to share with the members who subscribe to receive fresh veggies at our farm this season. Thank you, Judy! We can't wait to see what other recipes our members share with us this year.

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