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Spring Subscription 2020 Week 3

Hi members!

We finally got our zucchini, squash, and cucumbers in the ground last week. It's going to be close tonight, but generally it's pretty safe to leave plants out overnight. I'm so glad that we didn't have our spring seedling pickup yet since it's still a little risky. We still cover most things with Reemay, though, so it gets a little extra boost of heat. When it gets a little hotter, we take the Reemay off during the day and then cover it all back up at night.

I received a question on our Instagram last week about irrigation, so I thought I would talk a little bit about it here. We generally irrigate most crops with "drip tape" which is a hose line that drips out small amounts of water directly onto the ground. While sprinklers spray water out, and therefore waste water and spread disease in the process, drip tape allows us to control exactly how much water the plants receive.

The garlic and peas don't have irrigation lines since it's not really necessary to irrigate them - they do just fine on their own with rain water. Both are busy growing, though the peas haven't taken off as much as we would have liked them to. In due time! We didn't have peas at all certain years, so we'll take it!

What questions do you have for us? Drop us a comment in the 2020 Subscription Members group on Facebook or send us an email and I can address it in future newsletters!

We will have some Q&A up on our Instagram and Facebook stories tonight to address more questions we've received.

What's new in the online store for next week?:

Buckwheat honey (richer, more like molasses, with the highest antioxidant content) Blueberry and raspberry honey (NO added flavoring! It has the essence of these flavors because the bees make it from the flowers!) Quart size maple syrup (Thank you Marla for the suggestion!) Cabot bacon cheddar Cabot horseradish cheddar

What's coming in the next few weeks? Choy sum Broccoli raab Field radishes Field kale Field salad turnips Field lettuce, escarole, and radicchio

P.S. We are hoping to open to the public the week after next!

A Message from Randy:

The Unbagging:


  • 1/2 lb. of salad mix

  • 1/2 lb. of arugula

  • 1/4 lb. of spinach

  • 1 head of escarole

  • 1 bunch of sage

Caring For Your Share:

  • Keep the arugula, spinach, and salad mix in their bags in the fridge until ready to wash, spin, and use.

  • Wrap the head of escarole in a moist paper towel, or leave it in the plastic bag that your veggies came in for some protection. Put it in the crisper. Wash and spin out when ready to use, cutting off or removing yellow or brown parts of leaves.

  • Put the sage in a Ziploc bag in the fridge and wash when ready to use. (Hint! Save the stalk for your stock!)

LGF Cooking Club Meal Plan:

You'll notice on the meal plan that I planned the bulk of the cooking to occur early in the week and left free choice spaces for later on. This is because we have greens in our share this week, so it is important to be proactive and use them up quickly so they don't wilt or go bad. They have a shorter shelf life than other veggies.

Cooking Tip(s) of the Week:

Check out this article to read about sage:

Or, learn to freeze herbs like sage in olive oil:

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