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Spring Subscription 2020 Week 4 (Final Week)

Hi members!

This is the final week of the spring subscription - we are so sad! It's been such a strange season to be ending with asparagus, but fortunately it is finally here! We've been focusing our efforts a lot on preparing to open our farm store on June 2nd. Check out Randy's message to hear a longer update on farm happenings!

We want to thank everyone so much for participating this spring. It has truly been the most fun we've had yet, especially with the Facebook group. We can't wait to continue the fun during the summer and fall programs for the next 28 weeks.

We'll have some plants available for sale this week - 4 packs are $8 (crops like zucchini, squash, cucumbers, cantaloupe, lettuce, basil, sugar pumpkins, and eggplant) and tomato plants are $4 each or $10 for 3. Feel free to browse the pallet - we can accept cash, check, or Venmo for now. Credit card capabilities will be ready next week when we open.

What's coming in the next few weeks? Broccoli raab Field kale Field salad turnips Field lettuce, escarole, and radicchio

Greenhouse cucumbers?

A Message from Randy:

The Unbagging:


  • 1/2 lb. of asparagus

  • 1 head of lettuce

  • 1 bunch of choy sum

  • 1 bunch of radishes

  • 1 small bunch of mustard greens

Caring For Your Share:

  • Cut the very bottoms of asparagus off and store the stems in shallow water in the fridge. Trim off the ends of the stems when ready to scrub off and use.

  • Swish the mustard greens and choy sum in a bowl of cold water to remove dirt, then wrap them in a paper towel in the refrigerator.

  • Store the radishes and greens in separate Ziploc bags in the fridge.

  • Wrap the head of lettuce in a moist paper towel, or leave it in the plastic bag that your veggies came in for some protection. Remove any bad leaves first. Put it in the crisper. Wash and spin out when ready to use.

LGF Cooking Club:

Cooking Tip(s) of the Week:

Stir-Frying 101 (Pretty much our favorite way to cook anything. And with Sugar Maple Farms honey in the sauce we make? Yes, please!) This is the perfect technique to feature this week since we've got 2 kinds of Asian greens:

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