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We've Got a Milk Add-on!

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

In case you missed our announcement on Facebook Live, here it is:

Laurel Glen Farm is partnering with Shaggy Coos Farm in Easton, CT to provide a milk add-on to your 2020 summer vegetable subscription! Receive fresh milk along with your fresh veggie subscription. Shaggy Coos Farm milk is: - Hormone & Antibiotic Free ​- Grade A Milk - Pasteurized ​- Not Homogenized ​- All milk comes from their Championship Holsteins, Madison, Ivory, & Sequoia We are offering half gallons of their whole milk ($5.00 each) and whole chocolate milk ($5.50 each). If you're interested in adding milk on to your subscription, complete the form below and we will send you an invoice to pre-pay for the season based upon your selections. Please note that this is a commitment to receive the same quantities of milk each week. If you would rather purchase milk a la carte, you may shop for it in our stand (or theirs!) instead (but since we have a limited quantity, our subscription members will be guaranteed first!).

This option is ONLY available for those who have enrolled for a 2020 vegetable subscription. Unfortunately, due to our licensing, we will not be able to start DELIVERING until early to mid June. Farm pickups for Summer or Spring can start right away. If you have a delivery subscription we will wait to invoice you until we confirm we can start delivering. Also note that if you do wish to have milk delivered to you, you MUST leave a cooler with cold packs or ice as we are legally unable to leave your milk any other way. For more information about their farm, visit:

Laurel Glen Farm started as a dairy farm in the early 1900s, so this feels like an homage to our Rogowski ancestors.

Here's the enrollment form!

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