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What is the Surplus Subscription and why do some members opt for this program?

Our Extended Season and Main Season programs are sold out for 2022, but our Surplus Subscription is still open for enrollment. Though it's the last program to fill up, it's far from a consolation prize. In fact, some members actually prefer and choose it!

Take a look at the goodies that appeared in the final Surplus Subscription box of 2021. Then scroll down to read about why some members actually opt for enrolling in the Surplus Subscription.

First of all, we want to tell you how the Surplus Subscription came to exist and what it entails.

2020 was the first season that our Main Season program sold out in April. The last thing that we ever want to do is close down our doors to enthusiastic members who want to participate. And so, the Surplus Subscription was born.

It runs in exactly the same way as the Main Season program: Members pre-pay for their subscription before the season begins. Every week of the program they come to the farm to pick up their pre-packed box of 5-7 veggies. In return for their upfront investment, they receive a little extra value in their box as a "thank you!"

Subscription programs are all about community. We all eat the same things and then chat about the amazing concoctions we're cooking up. We don't necessarily have the capacity to add on more memberships if we're all eating Napa cabbage on a given week, for example. But the members who receive a Surplus Subscription just receive a box of different offerings. Not worse ones, or ones that aren't fresh - just an alternate selection of items that we have in abundance!

Take a look at the list of Surplus Subscription box contents below to see what a real season of boxes entailed.

2020 Surplus Subscription Box Contents
Download PDF • 13.06MB

We hope you can tell how much your farmers strive to vary the contents every week, and add in a sprinkling of fun, new items to try, like bok choy!

Now let's look at exactly how it compares to the Main Season program:

Here are the top 2 reasons why some of our members opt for the Surplus Subscription program:

· It's a shorter program: At 13 weeks, for some members, it feels a little more manageable to make the commitment to pick up their box every Monday

· It takes place at the height of the farming season: Running from July 11th through October 3rd means that it takes place during the classic veggie summer months. Though greens and root crops do make an appearance, the offerings can feel more familiar and classic. This is how the program got its name - the Surplus Subscription - beacuse it's made up of items that we tend to grow more of!

Believe it or not, our Surplus Subscription program has a 75% retention rate, compared to the national CSA retention rate average of 63%. So although the Surplus Subscription seems like a last resort, it's anything but that for many who participate.

We love to chat about our subscriptions, so send Victoria an email at We'll answer any questions you have. Looking forward to an amazing summer of vegetables!

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