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Here's our best advice ahead of subscription enrollment day

2022 Subscription Program enrollment opens on Sunday, October 3rd at 7 a.m. Our Early Bird Registration Period runs through Sunday, October 17th and includes 3 perks for your early commitment.

As you gear up for enrollment day, we recommend considering these 6 tips ahead of time so you know you've made the best decision for your family for next season and so enrollment day goes smoothly.

(This is the second email in our 2022 subscription program registration series. Click here to read the first one, which is all about the early bird perks and changes for next year.)

1. Compare the Extended Season and Main Season programs

We recommend the Extended Season for members who would be excited to cook with any vegetable in their share, including greens, cabbage crops, root crops, and onion crops. The program begins in early May, and the nature of the share is heavily comprised of a variety of familiar and lesser-known greens for the first 6 weeks of the share prior to the Main Season portion. When the Extended Season continues for 6 weeks beyond the Main Season, it includes crops like winter squash, cabbage crops, onion family crops, and root crops.

Here’s a photo of what the share looks like in the early portion of the Extended Season:

And the late portion:

If classic summer crops are more your speed, we recommend the Main Season program. Although both programs include many lesser-known items like radicchio, kohlrabi, Tokyo bekana, tomatillos, and bok choy, the Main Season spans 20 weeks during the most bountiful time of the year, when classic summer vegetables are coming in heavily.

Here's a photo of what that's looked like (tomatoes arrive around the first week of August):

Keep in mind that there is no biweekly option for the Extended Season. If you can commit to participating for 32 weeks in a row, we say, go for it! You can opt for delivery during the Main Season portion of the Extended Season porgram, but there will be at least 12 weeks of the 32 that you would be required to pick up (6 prior and 6 after the Main Season).

2. Familiarize yourself with the customization options

We offer pickups on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, so it’s important to consider which best fits your schedule and lifestyle.

We offer biweekly options for the Main Season program only.

Deliveries happen on a Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on your town, which can be found in the program’s product listing. Delivery is only available during the Main Season portion of our year (if you are an Extended Season member, you can choose to have your share delivered during these 20 of the 32 weeks). Stamford delivery is available during the Main Season on a Tuesday biweekly basis only.

Also consider if a small or large share is best for your family’s lifestyle. The small share includes 5-7 items per week, and the large share includes 7-9, a few with increased quantities.

Here's a photo of a small share during the Main Season in July:

Here's the large on that same week in July:

Click here to see our 2020 Harvest Calendar, which shows all of the items in the Main Season share across the 2020 season, for more help with choosing a size.

Harvest Calendar 2020
Download PDF • 1.88MB

Once you’ve made your decisions, we recommend writing down your choices ahead of enrollment day, so that you click the correct choices on the dropdown menu. For example:

Main Season




Large Share

Please note: If you sign up for the Extended Season program, we do not offer biweekly options. If you are unsure if you can commit to 32 consecutive weeks, we recommend the Main Season program. Sorry, but once you are enrolled in the Extended Season program, we cannot switch your share to a biweekly basis.

3. Know that you only need to pay for half of your share now

It’s a huge deal to us that our members pay upfront for their share. It allows us to make large investments prior to the growing season: repairs, ordering seeds, maintenance, and budgeting. Programs like these are referred to as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, and your farmers are so appreciative of the support.

When you enroll, you are only required to pay for a 50% deposit on your share. Here’s how: rather than entering credit card information, click “Offline Payment” at checkout, then mail a check for 50% of the cost of your share to Laurel Glen Farm at:

Laurel Glen Farm

247 Waverly Rd.

Shelton, CT 06484

(Sorry, no Venmo!) Deposits are due within 14 days of enrollment to hold your spot. Balances are due one week before the start of your program.

4. Ask for a password reset if you need one

Current members, if you have an account on our website and you’ve forgotten your password, we can issue you a password reset email ahead of enrollment day. (Send an email to to ask!)

You do not need to use your account to enroll, but this is a helpful tool if you’d like to log in later and remind yourself of what you signed up for in the months to come. Anyone can enroll as a guest, though! If you’ve forgotten your password on enrollment day, we recommend checking out as a guest, as you would for online shopping on any other website.

5. Set an alarm for enrollment day

Enrollment for 2022 opens on Sunday, October 3rd at 7:00 a.m. We recommend signing up then to claim your spot! Early Bird Registration closes on Sunday, October 17th. After that, perks are gone.

6. Reach out to us with other questions

We love our subscription members, and we’re always seeking more incredible people to join our community. If you’ve been thinking about joining us, or about making a change to your current subscription, please ask us any questions you might have. It’s super important to us that you feel comfortable and prepared ahead of enrollment day.

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