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Counting down our top 10 moments

As our Main Season subscription program begins to wind down (Main Season ends the week of October 11th), we're looking back at our top 10 moments.

This was our largest group of subscription members ever (240 of you!), and every year gets better and better. We love this program for so many reasons: the consistent engagement; the inspiration we draw from your cooking ideas; the face time we get to have with you at pickup; the relationships we've built; and the fun we have with growing crops, designing weekly boxes, and staying connected with the newsletter.

Truly not a day goes by that we aren't reflecting on how lucky we are to be your farmers.

Without further adieu, and in no particular order, here are the top 10 moments we've compiled:

10. Our spinach-kale ball trend:

We hit the ground running this season when everyone started feverishly making spinach-kale balls! We discovered a new favorite recipe, and we showed the social media world how awesome our community is when we cook with the same ingredients every week.

9. Our Facebook group networking:

Part of the fun of our program is having the opportunity to try new things, and you all rocked it. Having the Facebook group to bounce recipe ideas off of each other adds a dimension of inspiration and community to the program. We fell in love with tomatillos this year, and showed off our successes this summer.

8. Our Greatest Griller Contest

25 members joined in for our Greatest Griller contest, and Mary took home the prize with her zucchini parm! What we all learned in the process is that you can grill pretty much any vegetable - even make an entire meal on the grill.

7. The Week of Choice

Just as the tomatoes started to come in, on the first week of August, many members opted to swap out your pre-packed box and instead spend a "voucher" on items of your choice. We really had a lot of fun with it! It was another great opportunity for us to see what you love and watch our community diverge and cook different items.

6. Seed planting and onion planting

Back in the spring, our early bird registrants were invited to our seed planting and onion planting parties. We got to hang out, spend some time connecting, and get our hands dirty - then we got to eat the fruits of our labor later in the season!

5. The Great Garlic Harvest

We welcomed more members to the farm on a sweltering day in July to harvest our garlic, and we finished just about all of it in one morning. Spending time together is truly one of our favorite aspects of this program.

4. Bean Harvesting

We got to spend a quick morning together up at our Booth Hill location, while members filled a free bag of beans. It was an hour filled with serenity and sunshine on a gorgeous fall day.

3. Giveaways through the weeks

To us, this program embodies more than just local, seasonal eating. It's about the seasonality of food and of life. Time passes, and we don't want that sensation to be mundane. Every week deserves a little celebration and a little extra reason to smile. We want to thank you for participating in our program.

2. The Bonus Box Harvest

On a beautiful September day, 50 families joined us for the opportunity to harvest a bonus box. To see families out in the fields, getting their hands dirty, observing how crops grow, and enjoying a moment of serenity on the farm was the pinnacle of the season. We are SO excited to offer this opportunity again to all of our 2022 early bird registrants.

1. YOU!

Okay, this isn't a moment, but it deserves to be. Babies were born, new jobs were accepted, new houses moved into, major life changes occurred... and we got to be there through it. Subscription programs are commonly known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, and it means a lot to us that you're here, you're behind your local farmer, and you're invested in the essence of eating farm fresh produce. We're glad to know you all.


This concludes our 3-week email series leading up to 2022 subscription program enrollment day!

Here were weeks 1 & 2:

And our product listings:

Enrollment for next season begins on Sunday, October 3rd at 7 a.m., and our early bird registration period runs through Sunday, October 17th. (Click the 2022 Subscription Program Information link to read about those perks.) We can't wait to have more fun next season!

Victoria, Randy, and Peter

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