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DIY Microgreens Kit Instructions, Tips, & Recipes

Congratulations! You're on your way to becoming a pro at growing microgreens in just 2 short weeks. Microgreens are exactly what they sound like - little, tiny, flavorful versions of their grown-up vegetable versions. Trust us, this is too easy to mess up! Be sure to follow the tips below for growing microgreens, caring for them once they are harvested, and enjoying them.

First of all...

What's the Big Deal About Microgreens?

Microgreens have many benefits. One, their nutritional value is higher in micro-form. Two, they are extremely easy and sustainable to grow - you won't need any chemicals or tons of water, space, or materials to grow them. Three, they have a more intense flavor when grown as microgreens. For all of these reasons, microgreens are an extremely high-value crop. Growing them in this kit will not only be financially sustainable, but fun and healthy too.

What's In My Kit?

  • 4 different varieties of seeds: Zesty Mix, Mild Mix, Pea Shoots, and "Rainbow Sprinkles." All are labeled in their respective packets.

  • 8 trays - 4 to fill with soil and plant the seeds into, and 4 to cover as a lid (explanation in the video below)

  • Soil to fill 4 trays

  • Tips and recipes in this blog post!

What Else Will I Need?

The only things you'll need that are not provided in this kit are:

  • A spray bottle with water to mist your seeds and sprouts

  • A sunny place (I grew mine on our porch windowsill - no farm required!)

  • A pair of kitchen scissors to harvest them.

(You can use the packet as a label by placing it right next to the tray, to remember which variety is which.)

Awesome! Now What Do I Do?

Watch the video below to learn how to sow the seeds and take care of your microgreens. Seeding microgreens is a bit different than seeding other crops, so please watch this first to get the best results.

When Are They Ready to Harvest and How Do I Do It?

Watch the video below to learn how to harvest your microgreens.

The brassicas (Zesty and Mild Mixes) will be ready first within about the week, followed by the peas in about 10 days, followed by the Rainbow Sprinkles Mix in 2 weeks. I recommend eating them in that order so you can enjoy them fresh.

How Do I Store Them?

Honestly, the best way to enjoy them is freshly harvested to gain the maximum amount of nutrient intake and flavor. There is also the possibility of them wilting in the fridge. However, if you would like to store them, the best way to do so is by harvesting them, placing them between two moist paper towels, and storing them in a Ziploc in the fridge. Eat within no longer than 2 days.

How Do I Enjoy Them?

You aren't going to grow enough to make an entire salad, but you will have enough to garnish a sandwich or toss into another dish, and the flavor is so powerful that you don't need a lot. Below are some suggestions, especially given that each of your trays will yield a small quantity.

Leftover Roast Chicken Sandwich with Microgreens

Burger with Microgreens, Mint Aioli & Feta

Grilled Cheese With Ham and Brie Cheese With Microgreens, Apple and Dijon

Egg White Omelette with Avocado, Goat Cheese, and Microgreens

Scallop, Farro, Microgreens, & Lemon Basil Sauce

Avocado Toast with Microgreens

Smoky Cauliflower Steaks with Tomato Sauce and Microgreens

Now What?

Once you have harvested the Zesty, Mild, and Rainbow Sprinkles mixes, your crop will be finished. The reason you only get one cutting from the plant is because now that first true set of leaves have been cut, there is nothing left for the plant to photosynthesize. However, the peas will most likely yield a second cutting if you leave a small amount of leaf close to the soil. Be sure to harvest these again quickly or they will get woody.

Our suggestion is to reuse the soil and trays once more, and this time, choose your own varieties from the following website. Be sure to pull out any remaining roots in the soil so that it is nice and fluffy for resowing. Try something new and level up... you're a pro now!

Happy growing! Post a picture on social media to share your success stories. Thank you; your purchase supported our family's farm... and we are so grateful! Need any advice or have any questions? Email Victoria at

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